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How Much Does the Bad Girl Club Cast Get Paid?

Every member of the cast got paid roughly $500 a week.

But, it’s rumored that NOT EVERYTHING was actually free!

there are rumors of the girls going out for lunches, and going to clubs, and Kori would use another girls credit card to pay for everyone’s food (which caused drama of course).

Who was the richest bad girl?

That would be Natalie Nunn, who apparently has a net worth of over $325,000. She first starred in the Oxygen reality show Bad Girls Club in it’s 4th season (2009-2010).

What happened to Bad Girls Club?

After over 17 seasons on air, oxygen finally pulled the plug on the Bad Girls Club.

Did Lindsey Jade actually die?

Yes, out of the seven main girls, Oxygen has confirmed that Lindsey Jade Berandi did in fact die (she was in the 12th season).

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