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Wicks Hair: Exploring the Origins, Popularity, and Creation in South Florida

SUMMARY: Wicks hair, also known as bonks or globs, is a popular hairstyle originating in South Florida among the Afro-Caribbean community. It is prevalent in the Hip-Hop community and involves creating distinct sections of hair that resemble candle wicks.

Are you curious about the trendy wicks hair style and how to achieve it?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Find out what wicks are and why they’re so popular among African-Americans in Florida.
  • Discover the origins of this unique hairstyle and its cultural influences.
  • Learn about the different methods used to create wicks hair.
  • Get answers to commonly asked questions about wicks.

Keep reading to unlock the secrets of wicks hair and make an informed decision about whether it’s the right style for you!

Origins of Wicks

Wicks (also known as bonks or globs) are a hairstyle that originated in South Florida. This distinctive style has its roots in the Afro-Caribbean community, specifically among Afro-Haitians.

The Afro-Caribbean community holds a rich cultural influence, and wicks hair is a representation of their heritage and personal expression. This hairstyle has gained popularity beyond its origins and is now seen as a symbol of the vibrant Hip-Hop culture in Florida.

Popularity and Influences

Wicks hair is super popular in the Hip-Hop community and related subgenres in Florida. It’s a hairstyle that many people want to rock.

Celebrities and musicians have a big influence on making wicks hair even more popular. They showcase this hairstyle and inspire others to try it out.

African-American culture has had a major impact on the overall popularity of wicks. It’s a hairstyle that represents their identity and style.

Wicks hair is not just a trend, but a representation of the Afro-Caribbean and Hip-Hop communities in South Florida. It’s a way to celebrate culture and express oneself.

Creating Wicks

There are three main methods for creating wicks hair:

1. Crochet method: With this method, a crochet needle is used to pull the natural hair through pre-made tiny holes in a lace cap or net. This creates individual wicks that are then secured by knotting the hair or applying adhesive. The crochet method is popular due to its versatility and relatively quick installation process.

2. Braiding method: This method involves braiding the natural hair into sections or rows and then wrapping additional hair or extensions tightly around each braid to form the wick. This technique requires skill and precision in braiding to achieve a neat and uniform look. Braided wicks are known for their longevity and durability.

3. Twist method: The twist method entails dividing the hair into small sections and twisting each section from the roots to the ends. This can be done with or without the addition of hair extensions. Twisted wicks offer a more natural and textured appearance compared to the other methods. They require regular maintenance to prevent tangling and unraveling.

Each method has its unique advantages and appeal, allowing individuals to choose the one that best suits their preferences and hair type.


In conclusion, wicks hair is a distinctive and popular hairstyle originating in South Florida, particularly among Afro-Caribbean communities. Also known as bonks or globs, wicks have gained significant popularity within the Hip-Hop community and related subgenres in the region.

The origins of wicks can be traced back to Afro-Caribbean heritage, with Afro-Haitians playing a pivotal role in its development and cultural significance. The hairstyle has since become a symbol of Afro-Caribbean identity and a powerful representation of pride within the community.

Celebrities and musicians have further promoted the trend of sporting wicks, contributing to its widespread popularity. The influence of African-American culture has also played a significant role in shaping the acceptance and recognition of this unique hairstyle.

Creating wicks involves three main methods: crochet, braiding, and twisting. These methods offer individuals the flexibility to choose the most suitable technique based on personal preference and hair type.

Overall, wicks hair holds immense cultural significance and serves as a representation of Afro-Caribbean identity within the vibrant South Florida community. By embracing this hairstyle, individuals celebrate their heritage and contribute to the ongoing legacy of wicks in the Hip-Hop and Afro-Caribbean spheres.


Key Takeaways:

  • Wicks, also known as bonks or globs, are a distinctive hairstyle popular in South Florida.
  • They originated among Afro-Caribbeans, particularly Afro-Haitians, and have gained significance within the Afro-Caribbean and Hip-Hop communities.
  • Wicks resemble the wick of a candle, which inspired their name.
  • This unique hairstyle has become prevalent in the Hip-Hop community and related subgenres in Florida.
  • There are three main methods for creating wicks, each with its own variations and processes.

Wicks Hair FAQs

Are wicks suitable for all hair types?

Wicks can be created on various hair types, but they are most commonly seen on curly or textured hair. The natural texture of the hair helps in holding the wick shape. However, it’s important to note that creating and maintaining wicks may require additional care and products to avoid damage and breakage, especially for delicate or fine hair types.

How long do wicks typically last?

The duration of wicks varies depending on various factors, such as hair growth rate, maintenance, and the chosen method of creation. Generally, wicks can last anywhere from four to eight weeks. It’s advisable to consult with a professional stylist who specializes in creating and maintaining wicks for personalized guidance on duration and upkeep.

Can wicks be styled in different ways?

Yes, wicks offer versatility in styling options. Despite their uniform shape, wicks can be creatively styled with accessories, such as beads or wraps. You can also experiment with different updo styles, braids, or ponytails to add variety to your wicks hairstyle.

What precautions should I take to maintain wicks?

Maintaining wicks requires proper care to preserve the hairstyle’s integrity and the health of your hair. Here are a few essential precautions:

  • Regularly moisturize your hair and scalp to prevent dryness.
  • Avoid excessive heat styling, as high temperatures can damage the hair and alter the wick shape.
  • Protect your wicks during sleep by using a satin scarf or bonnet to minimize friction and prevent frizz.
  • Be gentle when washing your hair, focusing on the scalp and roots while avoiding rough manipulation of the wicks.
  • Regularly consult with a professional stylist experienced in wick maintenance for best results.

Can I create wicks by myself, or should I seek professional assistance?

While it’s possible to create wicks at home, seeking professional assistance from a stylist experienced in wick creation is highly recommended. They possess the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure the wicks are properly sectioned, parted, and shaped. Professional stylists can also provide personalized advice and guidance based on your hair type and desired wick style.

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