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Is There a Martial Art Based on the Crab?

Yes, there is a type of martial arts based somewhat on the crab!

This style is “Crab style Kung Fu,” and is part of a massive ground combat system called Black Scorpion.

The Crab technique is identified by…

  • Crab posture – lying on the ground with just a few standing techniques
  • “toughening” – I.e. being tough like a crab
  • weapons – a key component of the Black Scorpion system in general
  • Crab throws
  • Crab sweeps
  • and more.

There is also a standing crab system that can capture opponents in a “scissor” or “pincer” style throw.

What is the rarest martial art?

There are several martial arts you may have never heard of before, including:

  • Lerdrit – practiced in the Thai army
  • Dambe – based on a dangerous style of western Africa and Egypt
  • Jailhouse Rock – what is sounds like, it was developed in US prisons!
  • Silat – a collective name for hundreds of different styles developed in Maylasia

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